Saved from Ourselves... again

How embarrassing to be asked for a link to your blog and then realise that you haven't added anything to it in months... Making up for it now, at least partially... just to say that I have finally gone back to Facebook after a three-year absence and am actually enjoying it this time around. Not that I have managed to find a way of adding my Facebook feed to friendfeed - I can't find anything I am told to look for - but someone will surely explain what to do in words of one syllable at some point and then I will be as happy as a ship's cat in a fun-fur tiger bed...

What can I tell you? We had an adventure a few weeks ago which was the subject of a half page in the Majorca Daily Bulletin and, tomorrow, a lovely lady called Nuria is due to come out and talk to us about a documentary she wants to make about us and our unusual lifestyle, or something of that ilk. Hope the cats have something interesting to say for themselves... next thing you know, they'll be asking for per diems during the filming... Bah! Humbug! Will tell you more when I have more to tell...

We are now enjoying some warm and sunny weather back at anchor where we belong... ah, some lovely young friends have just arrived on their jet skis so I must sign off... Back sooner than last time, I hope...


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