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Oh how smug, albeit exhausted, I am feeling, tra la la... I have finally completed the third shopping mall (I've never seen anyone else's, so I don't know how smug I'll be feeling a few days from now but I was determined not to be influenced by anything anyone else had done, as usual) and created an 'ad' for it, to put on the other sites.

Just as I was finishing the graphic for it, a slogan flashed into my mind: 'Open Always & Everywhere' and you heard it here first... of course that had to go on the 'ad' as well, so it's a bit longer than I had planned but, what the heck - it's not like they sell web space by the centimetre, do they? I wouldn't be surprised.

The other day, when I was being slightly cloak and dagger, it was about some gunshot sounds that have been occurring in my computer headphones, like a rifle in a canyon being fired several times in quick succession and I was worried that it was a virus or something. I still don't know what it is but it hasn't been happening so much lately - it was suggested to me that it might have somthing to do with a particular piece of software but I don't think so, somehow... unless someone installed it remotely... Eventually I will get to the bottom of it, I'm sure!

Meanwhile, I've got used to it and it doesn't bother me any more. Ooh, that was odd. My Anti-Virus just said it detected Eicar Test File and wanted to delete it, so I said OK and it said that it couldn't access this 'object'. Oh no! I hate it when that happens... Better go and see what can be done...


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