Well! You could have knocked me down with a feather this afternoon. My host server in the US runs a brilliant forum for the customer community and quite a few of us make full use of it to get technical help, site critiques, swap jokes, find out what's new and so on.

Today, after an absence brought about by the fact that my US virtual shopping mall had taken my life over and expanded into different departments in all directions, keeping me slaving over a hot keyboard late into every night of the so-called holiday season (holiday? What holiday?!) I finally got around to popping in and what did I find? The package that was 5GB of space and a ton of other goodies for US$7.77 per month has suddenly become 12GB of space and a ton of other goodies! Plus new customers can pay for 1 year and get 6 months free! The new price? US$7.77 per month! Wow!

As I said in the forum thread about this generous holiday gift to us all: now I can build virtual car parks for my virtual malls! I'm having so much fun putting them together! The idea started as just six one-hall floors of a virtual building like the one my site is spread about in. Now there are several departments on each floor of the US mall and I'm looking forward to expanding the UK mall just as soon as I have finished, plus building the Australian and European ones is underway, slowly but surely - I do a bit of work on them as a change (always said to be as good as a rest) and they are coming along nicely...)

I really hope my visitors are going to like whatI have created - I had to put a little notice up saying that some departments might load a little slowly the first time they visit them - the average ADSL browser probably won't have much trouble loading fast but some of my visitors are on somewhat slow landline connections so I hope they will bear with it until they have a chance to see all the goodies laid out for their perusal. The January Sales are on at the moment, in quite a few of the stores - always fun - and this way they can enjoy window shopping and even snapping up bargains without being trampled!

It's funny, only the other day I wondered if I was in danger of getting a notice from my host server to say that I had exceeded a space or file limit and today, not only did I discover that they had raised the space by more than double but I also found out that they abolished the file limit months ago and I must have missed the notice! Whoopee! There's no holding me now!


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