I've just published another new site...

Because of a worrying trend around Europe, I have found myself impelled to create a new website and see if we can't get something done before it is too late... Local coastal authorities have begun to squeeze live-aboard cruisers out of safe havens by laying down moorings and charging hefty fees whether you pick up a buoy or just anchor.

In addition they limit the stay of visiting yachts to around five days maximum in many cases. This is an infringement of the rights of sea people and someone has to do something. I figured it might just as well be me... Free Sea Pass is going to have a go at lobbying MEPs so, if you feel you have a vested interest or could help in any way, do pop along to freeseapass.co.uk or freeseapass.com and have a wander about!

I've just remembered that I still have to put the link to the joining form on there, so I'd better dash and try to get there before you do! :-)


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