The Best Personal Information Manager on the planet for FREE

The Best Personal Information Manager on the planet for FREE:
"Don't Miss This! The best Personal Information Manager on the planet!
Yours to keep forever! FOR FREE!
What's the catch? No catch! This gift is yours to keep and use with no strings attached. If you are perfectly happy with EasyNoter Lite (and many ordinary people are) you can use it forever.

If you decide to upgrade to EasyNoter Pro at any time, you can just click on our logo on the front cover and visit our home page with the upgrade link on it. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive the Pro version of this excellent software is! You will also be to change the front cover and even generate your own 'skins' with EasyNoter Skin Generator!

If you want to brand EasyNoter Lite with your logo and give it away you'll be able to do that too! Once you've upgraded, you can purchase the EasyNoter Gift-o-Mat software and create copies of EasyNoter Lite to give away to your website visitors!"


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