Happy New Year!

Well, it's still new, even if it is already three days old... I came to wish you all the best for 2006 as soon as I could - I have been busy putting the finishing touches to the US Mall - it now has 54 departments! In a few days I will have to remove all the holiday stuff so I'm enjoying a quick breather and having a go at the other malls, plus adding stragglers to the US mall - merchants that have been a little slow to approve my affiliation with them.

It's understandable - you have to be so careful not to associate yourself with the wrong people/image/etc in business. Just as they have to 'vet' my site carefully before choosing to accept me as a partner, I have to 'vet' theirs too, to ensure I am not risking sending my visitors anywhere I would not want a three-year-old to go. This may disappoint anyone who was hoping for a highway to trash but should please the majority of my visitors. Decent people who don't want the uglier side of life thrust in their faces.

I like to think people will find my shopping malls the most convenient place to go whenever they need absolutely anything and will continue to add more stores as I find them. If this doesn't please you, I give up! I have put 100% of my energy, dedication and time into this project over a considerable period of time, working up to 20 hours a day most days (I have never needed a lot of sleep, luckily!) and I have completely ignored commission rates (I only get paid on results) in favour of choosing stores I think you will want to visit.

Even if I only make twenty cents here and a dollar there, I am hoping that the cumulative total will make the effort worthwhile and will suppost the costs of providing all the free information on my dozen non-commercial sites - something will have to! Take a look at my LWA US Shopping Mall if you live in the USA - or the UK Mall if you live in Great Britain. I'd love your comments...


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