So much for plans...

Ah, how happily we were working our way down the checklist of things that must be done before we could set sail for Croatia to meet Robbie's daughter and her family for a lovely holiday, already imagining ourselves playing with the grandchildren, looking around the little holiday home they bought last year (no, not the grandkids, their parents, silly!) and generally enjoying a change of scenery.
Rather in the manner that some people go to a supermarket with a shopping list but come home with half the items on the list unpurchased and with bags full of items that were not mentioned on that list, Robbie has done something that not only was not listed but has made the list somewhat redundant... he has managed to break a bone in his foot, which is now encased in plaster and will see him out of action for several weeks, by which time it will be too late to go.
Next year we will have to leave in May, to make sure we get there in time and if we are early we can explore some of the coastline. I have wonderful memories of Croatia, having been in 1956 and again in 1966 and I long to see the country again. Oh well. The great things in life are worth waiting for...


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