An eventful week...

Well, we have been having an interesting time lately! Robbie is having to languish while he waits for his foot to mend... He is not a man who likes to sit around but he is trying very hard not to gripe about the enforced idleness.

The plaster cast is giving him all the usual itching problems and the heat in there could cook a chicken, apparently...

To try and keep him occupied, I have been buying three different UK newspapers whenever he climbs gingerly into the dinghy and takes me ashore to do the shopping while he waits in the dinghy.

For a few days, up until yesterday, a huge and strange mega-yacht was anchored not too far from us and we joined the rest of Mallorca in speculating about whose it might be...
Today, I bought the Sunday Telegraph, the Mail on Sunday and the Sunday Times and, in the latter, on page 5, we found the answer...
Nonetheless, I thought I'd show them to you anyway... This is the 'A' (yes, that's all the name she got...) A for Aleksandra, although it might just as easily be A for Andrey as this 390' steel megalith was built for Mr. and Mrs. Melnichenko, founder of the MDM bank.
She has enormous doors that open up at the back and either side of the aft end of the yacht, three swimming pools etc. etc. and cost a mere UK£200,000...
Can't wait to see what the 613' yacht that Abramovich is having built, in order not to be outdone, at UK£240,000, will look like. He has chosen the name already, so we read. 'Eclipse'. Oh dear. One-upmanship is clearly not dead after all. It has moved to Russia...

Anyway, returning to Melnichenko's new toy, what Maurice Chittenden says about the way 'A' looks, in his article, is absolutely true.
Robbie's reaction on seeing her at anchor was to ask if it was a new generation of submarine, until he used the binoculars. How peculiar, he said, that it was so like a Dreadnought but clearly pretty new.

Apparently, he was far from alone in thinking these thoughts. I wish I could say it was an attractive sight. Impressive, maybe, but not attractive. At night, all lit up, seen from the back, it looks like the ghost of a jellyfish more than anything else. Unfortunately, my camera won't record anything properly after dark, so I can't show you. Seen passing it is another ultra-modern, but smaller, luxury yacht. Like every other moving vessel in the bay, they couldn't resist getting a closer look!

Well, that's it from me for now... hope you're having a lovely summer!



At Monday, July 28, 2008 8:56:00 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Everybody

Somehow I have lost my e mail accounts, long story, I wont go into it now


My new and only one is jj.boat@yahoo.com

I hope you are all well. We are in Majorca, off to Menorca soon hopefully then Corsica, then back here, then Melilla, Morocco December, back here for January 20 2009, then in the spring head east, winter in Greece.

Hope you are all well, Amanda & I are still enjoying the life on board, we take guests now to help with cost etc, let us know if you want a week. Also do the odd day trip.

If you have e mailed me in the last 2 weeks or I have e mailed you, PLEASE resend, thanks

The web site seems to be working OK

Keep in touch


At Monday, July 28, 2008 11:04:00 pm, Blogger Linnet 'innit?' said...

Can't wait to hear how those e-mail accounts got lost...


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