The Elevator Trick

Today is an exciting day for me and I feel like a teenager all over again (provided I avoid reflective surfaces that might remind me I'm not) with all the optimism and trepidation that accompanies launching something one has created out into the world. 

My little e-book The Elevator Trick has been available for purchase for a few hours now and it is impossible to describe the glow that accompanied the discovery that people have already started buying it! 

When Karen Redman aka @RedMummy, the only person to have received an advance copy, tweeted an unsolicited endorsement of my little e-book, The Elevator Trick,  containing the secret of relaxing and getting off to sleep at will, a technique I have successfully taught quite a few people over the past 27 years, I was thrilled! 

Someone asked me why I was charging a modest fee for a download of the book instead of giving it away for free. It's a fair question when there are so many free e-books available on endless topics but I have no problem in explaining why this e-book is not a 'freebie':  

In my current financial situation I cannot afford to give away the product of almost three decades of experience anyway but, much more importantly, most people only value what they have had to pay for. How many free e-books contain anything truly valuable? How many people actually read most of the free e-books that are thrust at them from all sides?

Several people on Twitter advised me to charge far more than the price I had decided upon and maybe they are right but my 'gut' instinct was to stick with the price of a couple of cups of espresso coffee and that's what I've done.

If you are an insomniac, tense, stressed, nervous or just have the occasional difficulty in dropping off to sleep, my little e-book The Elevator Trick was written for you. Enjoy!