Help Me To Help Patricia Zglinski. Please!

A lot has changed since I last posted to this blog. I have built a Twitterhood website and been adding neighbours and neighbors to it gradually. People seem to like it and I am very glad of that!

Amongst the population of the Twitterhood, now about 9,500 people strong, so it's a virtual sizeable village or small town, is Patricia Zglinski, a disabled writer who cares for her mother, an Alzheimer's patient, and whose father, Ralph D'Esposito, has just been sent home from hospital with terminal lung cancer.

To try and help raise the funds for the impending funeral costs, Robbie and I have committed to contributing 20% of income from paid links and donations on the Twitterhood site and Patricia has set up a ChipIn widget to which contributions can be made directly by those who wish to donate direct. It would be a personal favour to me if you would, please, contribute something, no matter how little you can afford. Thank you.

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