Dolphins in Distress

So, nobody can decide how the dolphins that died near Falmouth in Cornwall, UK, last week came to be in their predicament but there 'may' be a possibility that the Navy on exercises with sonar had some part in their demise. Wish I had blogged the day the news broke. When Robbie read the article on the incident out, with all the 'experts' pontificating on the reasons they thought it might have happened, I said "Crap! Bet you the Navy were somewere nearby using sonar and it drove the dolphins to their deaths." Now, it transpires the Navy were testing sonar with a submarine in the area but it 'may have been a factor'. Yeah right! More than twenty years ago a marine biologist mentioned the effect that sonar has on sea creatures and the potential for mass deaths like these. It wasn't 'a' factor it was the factor.

The Navy should not be testing this sort of thing so near to the land. They are supposed to be a navy so why don't they put out to sea and get away from the land altogether, consulting oceanographers as to where to go in order not to disturb marine widlife? Not that want these people on our territory but we realise we can't stop them getting onto the water any more than we can stop nanny governments trying to dictate how things should be at sea when they can't even manage the affairs of the land. Grrr!

My very own button!

Add to Technorati Favorites Technorati gave me a button you can use to add this blog to your favourites... Whaddya mean "Technorati?" It's like Glitterati, or Litter Arty, innit? Technorati is to blogging what bling is to shopping... Alternatively, Technorati is to blogging as lips are to snogging... That's enough of that. Let's not go there. Anyway, I'm the proud possessor of a new button. How exciting is that? It's totally exciting, innit? There's more" Today I took my oDesk Readiness Test and came out in 1st place ever! How about that? I'm so pleased with myself that I am going to try and upload a little screenshot I made - I've never tried putting an image in my blog efore. There's a first time for everything, so they say...