Catching up...

It's funny how there are times when you neither hear from nor see anyone for days or even weeks at a time (living out at anchor rather reduces the number of people who can simply drop in) and others when, suddenly, everyone you know seems to get in touch at once!
We have just spent a lovely afternoon with Alex and Faye, a couple who were clients when we had the bar at the Anchorage Club and who have become friends. We all had such a lovely time at Wellies bar, in Puerto Portals, (we met at 12:00 noon and didn't part till some time after 18:00!) that we've agreed to have a picnic on a tiny beach not far away, next Monday.
Meanwhile the inbox was stuffed unusually full of messages this evening - perhaps it is the holiday mood that makes people want to say hello. Maybe they are so busy trying to stay ahead of the credit sharks these days that most people only have time to write personal e-mails during the holidays! Whatever the reason, it's great to hear everyone's news and be reminded of so many lovely people. Now I've got to get down to answering as many as I can... I'd better go and get on with it!


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