If You Only Buy One Book This Winter...

Make this the one for several good reasons:

  • This is an excellent read - funny, poignant and thought-provoking.
  • Robin Sheppard, the author, is donating his share of the proceeds to a very worthwhile cause.
  • Someone you know may be eternally grateful for the gift of a copy of this book.

You can take my word for it or click on the book title and learn more about it. I haven't read the description at Amazon but Robbie and I have both read the book twice and reckon we will again before long.

The Amazon.com link is below for those who are in the USA.

The French have a saying that translates as 'One must suffer to be beautiful'. If that is true, then Robin Sheppard must be one of the world's most beautiful people...

Meanwhile, the wind is still blowing quite hard, though nothing like as hard as yesterday. A friend called today to see whether we were still afloat and told us he had heard that there were nearer 50 boats beached at Andratx than 20 yesterday. No fun for all those boat-owners whose pride and joy will take a great deal of restoring if it can be saved at all. Suffering can take many forms... Such is life. Now, if you haven't done so already, get Robin Sheppard's book or miss out on one of life's great experiences...

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