Ladies Fashion at LWA US Mall

Well, it comes to something when a visitor has to e-mail you to tell you something about your website that you didn't know yourself (apart from broken links and that sort of technical stuff) and are very pleased to discover!
The things is, that in the bad old days, every single time a merchant produced something new, it was necessary to take away the old store banner and put in the new one. With 1400+ stores in a single mall, that made for a great deal of work. A lot of merchants still use this antiquated method but the ones with their fingers on the pulse have finally realized that it is a great deal easier to swap the new image for the old at their end of the deal. As long as the name of the new image file is identical to the name of the old one, there is a seamless transition from one to the other, with the new one appearing as soon as the server is refreshed.
Of course it can be difficult to persuade merchants to remember that some of us need their images and links to stay consistent with the theme to which they were first applied. You can imagine how irritating it is when a banner that used to display shoes in the shoe department suddenly starts showing nappies or a sweet little cot in the baby department becomes a garden hose...
It is almost as annoying when merchants lump several categories together on one banner instead of making separate ones (I wouldn't mind if they did both! :-) so that one either has to repeat the same banner in several departments or decide against including the merchant anywhere except in one of the stairwells, or 'Main Halls' as they are described...
Anyway, I digress... in the e-mail I was informed, in a very complimentary manner although none of the credit is mine, that she liked the new 'look' of the Ladies Department and some of the new season's clothing was very nice... Since I hadn't changed anything I rushed to see what on Earth could have happened and, sure enough, there were things there that I hadn't seen before either!
I must get around more! :-)

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