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Unless you have been reading my posts elsewhere, you may not be aware that I have recently been initiated into the world of the mentored, at long last, under the auspices of the excellent team of experts, consultants and Internet heros at ASC and am having a wonderful time disovering where I have been going wrong (and, in parts right, luckily) as well as getting top quality advice on how to proceed, along with some unbelievably useful software. You might think that, by now, I'd have seen all the software I could possibly rate but this stuff is cutting edge and, what's more, it's included along with a range of other superb material, the Authority Black Book, for example, made available to all members and some, like the aforementioned even to non-members!

Anyway, one of the great resources made available to anyone who so desires is Jack Humphrey's Friday Traffic Report blog. A goldmine of useful information, it recently included this excellent article on tracking your social marketing which I wouldn't want anyone who is serious about making a living online to miss.

Speaking of Jack, he sent me a link to a piece of software he had created especially for members, the other day. Although it is primarily intended to be used for the purposes of getting ahead in business, it has also been incredibly useful to me in another new role that I have just been assigned, that of the Recreation: Boating: Sailing: News & Media Editor for DMOZ and I am in no doubt that it will also be useful in endless other aspects of my life online.

All in all, it's been a fantastic fortnight and now I really must attend to the important business of enjoying our Sunday evening movies - a tradition aboard Leopard Normand that is rarely cancelled - this week I think we're going to watch a couple of our Sci-Fi collection... I don't know yet; I like to get Robbie to choose because he has an uncanny knack for picking the right movie every time. Last week we were in a George of the Jungle and Peter Pan mood - you'd be amazed what two old fogies will watch when they think nobody is looking. Now don't go telling everyone, will you?!

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